A primer on docker and Kubernetes for DevOps and SRE Enthusiast

You might know that docker and kubernetes are becoming very popular and having such skill will be very beneficial for you and your company. I have compiled a learning resource for docker and kubernetes. This will be enough to give you understanding and framework of docker and kubernetes which you can use a a primer for your deep dive sessions on docker and kubernetes

A compiled learning resource for DevOps Engineer and Site Reliability Engineering enthusiasts.

Getting Started

Module 1 - Selecting Storage drivers in docker

Module 2 - Running a docker container primer

Module 3 - Logging in docker

Module 4 - What is docker swarm ?

Module 5 - Backing up and restoring docker swarm ?

Module 6 - Installing docker ?

Module 7 - Docker container seperationg and isolation.

Module 8 - What are docker images and how to create them?

Module 9 - What is Dockerfile?

Module 10 - Effeciently building docker image using multistage builds.

Module 11 - Managing docker images (Export, move, load)

Module 12 - Docker image layers flatting

Module 13 - What are docker registries ?

Module 14 - Enable auto locking in swarm.

Module 15 - High availability in docker swarm.

Module 16 - Docker swarm services

Module 17 - Docker inspect command.

Module 18 - What is Docker compose ?

Module 19 - What is Docker stack ?

Module 20 - What is node label in docker ?

Module 21 - Storage driver in docker.

Module 22 - Docker volumes.

Module 23 - Docker image clean up.

Module 24 - Docker networking.

Module 25 - Signing image and Docket Content Trust (DCT)

Module 26 - Docker swarm security

Module 27 - Intro to kubernetes

Module 28 - Kubernetes Pod

Module 29 - Kubernetes Objects and manifests

Module 30 - What is replica set ?

Module 31 - What is Deployment?

Module 32 - Secrets in Kubernetes

Module 33 - Kubernetes config map.

Module 34 - Services and Endpoints

Module 35 - Node Ports

Module 36 - Kubernetes Networking Model

Module 37 - Liveliness proble and readiness proble

Module 38 - Daemonset

Module 39 - Labels and Selectors

Module 40 - Resources requests and Limits, Kubernetes Schedulers

Docker Exam Topics Answers

DCA Exam questions

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DevOps / SRE Engineer. Blog: 99devops.com System admin turned SRE. I love Linux.

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Prabesh Thapa

Prabesh Thapa

DevOps / SRE Engineer. Blog: 99devops.com System admin turned SRE. I love Linux.

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